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Auburn Y Box Lax - Rules & Regulations

Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2013 by Tom Blair
Auburn YMCA Box Lacrosse League 
Rules & Regulations: 
1. 20 minute first half running time. 23 minute second half, with the last 3 
minutes stop time if the game is within 5 goals. 
2. Time- outs: one, in the last 3 minutes of the second half, if within 5 goals. 
(Must have possession of the ball) 
3. Substitutions: 
     A. On the fly only, player coming on must wait till the exiting player has 
one foot in substitution box before entering field. If player enters too early, 
loss of possession or if defensive infraction, one minute penalty. 
     B. Free substitution during stop time. 
4. Face- offs: 
     A. Start the periods & after each goal in stop time. (down-set-whistle) 
     B. During running time the goalie is awarded the ball after a goal is 
     C. Each team must have a man on each restraining line unless your team is a 
man down.  Attack & defensive player must stay behind line until possession is 
5. Six players on the field for each team, including the goalie. 
6. No offsides - all six players can be over the midfield line. 
7. Penalties: 
     A. All penalties are a minimum of 1 minute (Referee's discretion). 
     B. If  penalty occurs and goal is scored, penalty is wiped out with 
Technical Foul.  If penalty is a Personal Foul, non-penalized team will get 
possession at midfield.  Penalty released if and when non-penalized team scores 
or when penalty time runs out. 
8. Goalie Checking - NO BODY CHECKING by the goalie. If goalie leaves the crease 
he is only allowed to stick check. 
9. OVER AND BACK (Loss of possession) - once the ball comes over the midfield 
line into the offensive end, it CAN NOT cross back over into the defensive end.  
Offense is allowed one shot to go back over the midfield line (10 seconds). 
Second shot going over midfield line will result in loss of possession. Ref will 
tell team to "keep it in." 
10.  NO BOARDING CHECKS (Pushing into the boards) - Referee's discretion. 
12. NO FIGHTING - Expulsion from the game and a 3 minute team penalty. A 
suspension of a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum one year may result. After one 
year player can apply for reinstatement. 
13. NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE for any reason - automatic one minute personal foul. 
14.  "Trash Talking:" Unsportsmanlike conduct - one minute, non-releasable, 
15. Player must play in a minimum of 3 regular season games to be eligible to 
play in the playoffs. Players can only play with one team. 
16. Uncontrolled stick checks will be strictly enforced. 
      A. No Butt end checks. 
      B. No Behind the Back (Rusty Gate) Stick Checks. - Blind 
      C. One Hand Slap Checks, Referee's Discretion. 
      D. Cross Check - One warning (1 minute penalty) - Hands must be within 6 
inches of each other. 
      E. Stick Checks must contact below elbow and/or gloves.  Contact with any 
other body part will draw 1 minute for slashing. 
17. Unsportsmanlike conduct directed at an official will result in a 2 minute 
personal foul.  Second will result in suspension. 
18. Each team must have the same color jersey. 
19. 10 Second Rule: ten seconds to get ball over the midfield line. Will be 
determined by the officials if team is stalling. 10 Second Rule can be 
implemented anytime after possession is taken in the defensive end of field. 
20. There will be one or two officials assigned to each game and three for 
21. There will be a 10 minute grace period, after that, the team will be forced 
to forfeit and pay a $25.00 fee. Teams can start with four players minimum. 
22. Players must have their own insurance. If you don't have insurance, we 
recommend that you do not play. 
23. Absolutely no food allowed on the playing area or the bench area. 
24. Team captains are responsible for reading and explaining these rules to 
their players. 
25. Rosters are limited to 14 players, and a minimum of 10 players. See the 
league chairman if you need to exceed this number because of any extraneous 
circumstances. Player can only be on one roster and can only play with that 
26. EQUIPMENT:  Must be worn by all participants (including shoulder pads). 
27.  QUESTIONS? Call or email league chairman: Jeff Hanno at 253-5304 or 
elite athletics@hotmail.com or Tom Blair at 730-8142 or tcblair@roadrunner.com 
June 18th deadline for rosters into the Y. 
Tuesday & Thursday (no game on July 4th) 
Start night Thurs. Jun. 27th 
Semis - Aug. 6th; Finals - Aug. 8th 

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